Getting back to healthy eating and making fast food!


So I fell off the wagon a bit this week and our healthy eating has dwindled... a lot!

At first I couldn't work out what had gone wrong, as a family we were doing so well. I worked it out... ASDA! I had ordered an ASDA delivery last week but used the wrong card, of course it declined leaving us with no shopping, I couldn't have it re-delivered as I wasn't going to be in which led to many trips to Tesco for diner AND junk food!

As soon as I realized I got the delivery re-ordered but it has cost our bodies of eating less heather than we have been.

However! I think we did pretty well in choosing 'healthier Unhealthy' foods! Last night was a Monday night was a prime example of this! We needed something quick and that something just happened to be KFC that we wanted! However we really didn't want to put KFC into our bodies (especially the girls) so we went to Tesco in search.

Tesco do a fab KFC/SFC style boneless box which we paired up with sweet corn, baked beans (which we forgot to cook!) takeaway style thin chips, coleslaw and flavored water (rather than coke!) and I tied baked Camembert for a treat!

I'm so glad we chose that, it cooked fast, tasted amazing and we didn't feel terrible after for eating it (or giving it to the girls!)

So ASDA is on its way, right now I'm staring out the window waiting for my green van to show up! Making lasagna this week, can't wait!

Whats your best 'fast food' to make at home?

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