How not to potty train your child (and get them to wee on the potty!)


Potty Training, what a nightmare! You buy a potty, underwear, pull ups, charts, stickers, treat boxes and god knows what else you see on the shelves while your desperate to master the stage of potty training!

So what if I told you that you don't really need ANY of that? (Potty is optional if you dont have a toilet up and down).

As with everything we have done with Kairi, she chooses when she is ready, when she was ready to use a spoon - she did, when she was ready to eat solids - she did, when she wants to stop breastfeeding - she will, so why should potty training be any different?

The 1 golden rule - TALK! We talk about toileting all the time, we told her when she had done a wee or poo, she told us too, she knows what knickers are, that we use toilet roll, what a toilet/potty is for and often comes to the toilet with us and talks about what to do... AND THAT'S IT!
So we left her to it, happily in the knowledge she would let us know when she was ready. She had normal clothes on every day and had her nappy changed regularly. We did nothing different.

Until one day when I was preparing messy play in the kitchen and she was playing with her sister, she just walked off, she took her self into the other room, pulled her trousers and nappy down and sat on the potty. A minute later she came and told me 'I weed my potty' and she had, she done it, just like that, no fuss, no cost, she just went and then our journey into knickers began.

That is exactly how NOT potty training works!

She has continued to ask to use the potty, had days where she has worn knickers, even spent a day in them with no accidents out in town... were nearly there!!

How do you potty train?

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