Making a farm tuff tray

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We started our tuff tray with a farm! Using cereal, hay, sawdust, bedding, a bit of water with blue food colouring and happy land.

As soon as the girls came down and saw it, they went crazy and rushed straight towards it.

Naminé had her hands in the sawdust within seconds!

Kairi started by mixing the saw dust with the water and then added the cereal, we talked about texture, colour, smells and how things changed.

Naminé decided her hands weren't good enough, so got her whole body in!

Kairi moved the house to have better access.

And then started putting animals in their correct places, we talked about what they ate, where they slept and if they got on with other animals.

The horse went into the stable.

Naminé found a bush!

And decided to start eating! She wasn't impressed!

They played together too.

The end messy result... Wasn't too bad to clean up and was mega fun!

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Mummy, Kairi and Naminé x

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