Sensory play that turns messy!

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So our tuff tray this week was a bit of last minute sensory play - which turned in to very MESSY play after my camera died!

To start I layered a tray with paper and covered it in paint splats of different colours and amounts.

I then grabbed some cling film and filmed the whole tray - the girls were there in seconds, they knew it meant fun!

Kairi got on and started squishing the paint with her feet, we talked about the texture, colour and feeling, using words like 'squish'.

Naminé got on and together they started worked at making pictures, Naminé was crawling around like mad!

They put they're hands on and moved the paint arround

And daddy she's Kairi how to move the paint to draw pictures!

So she got straight to starting her own!

They had lots of fun!

Unfortunately right after this my camera died and then Naminé worked out how to rip the cling film! Of course Kairi joined her and I'm sure you know what happened from there... THEY WERE COVERED, but it all washed off in the bath and we had an awesome time!

What was your messy activity this week? Have you tried this before?

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