Spending time with 1 child when you have 2!


So I thought I'd do something a little different this week for family Friday.

Build a bear! So as a treat we visited build a bear, Naminé was asleep so me and Kairi for right to work, we looked at all the different bears and she took her time choosing one. (It was a very important decision!)
I let her chose a sound (figured she would pick frozen) she asked for me talking, so I went to a quiet corner and recorded her a message.

She took her bear to the lady and got it stuffed (Kairi didn't want to put her foot on the machine as it made a lot of noise, so I helped her.) We made teddy quite firm but also quite squishy!
Kairi went and picked out a heart for her bear and we did the heart ceremony (where we rubbed the heart, kissed it, added love etc).

Kairi put the heart in and the lady added half the bar code. (I thought this ideas was fantastic! It means that if teddy ever gets lost, they can scan the code and send him home!)

We went and made the birth certificate(I asked Kairi his name, she didn't tell me so I called him cuddles, we got home and she called him teddy bear!) we searched for clothes but decided to wait until we found something we liked! But we picked up the skating rains which came in really handy as they stopped us for losing teddy 3 times on the way home!

And here is finished teddy!

Over all we had a fantastic trip to build a bear, Kairi had a great time. My only negative was the staff were so pushy to buy clothes it out me off buying any!

Do you have a bear? Do you have a tradition where you add clothes or accessories at every birthday?

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