Taking Toddlers shopping and Using Tesco Self Scan!


It is something as parents we all dread... taking our children shopping. It's a mission that we always feel is unnecessary to happen and we will pretty much do anything to leave them at home with someone else.
Most people end up switching to home delivery, taking 5 minutes while on the loo to add as many items to their baskets as possible. Unfortunately its just not the same as shopping in store, smelling the food, feeling your trolley getting harder to push and stopping at every deal because surely its better to spend an extra 45p to save 3p than it is to buy another next week! Most of all lets not forget how fun it is to check the reduced shelf for things you don't need!

I am a home delivery girl, with a baby and a toddler and no car I rely on the quick conversation of the Asda home delivery guy while he sorts my 4 substitutions again. I pop to town every few days and pick up what ever I can fit on the buggy (you'd be surprised how much shopping you can get on and under the buggy with a baby on your back!) and if I must, I walk to my local Tesco and get a few bits (which usually ends up in a £30 shop!)

So I decided to take the girls shopping and give the scan and pack service a go and I have to say I LOVE IT! It makes shopping with the girls 10x easier and its fun too!

Once you've scanned your club card a scanner lights up and its yours for the trip! I love the way it welcomes me!

The device is simple I walk round, picking up groceries and press the yellow button to scan them, its fast and keeps a running total of how much you've spent at the bottom.

The best thing about the total is it stops me from over spending and Kairi can easily use the scanner to scan objects for herself.

Of course she prefers to push her trolley around and fill it up with any bits I pass to her.

How do you do shopping with the kids?

Kairi, Namine and Mummy x

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