This Months Food Favorites!


Since we moved home, we have tried lots of new meal and exciting new tastes. We've cooked many dishes from scratch and as I said in an earlier post are eating much better now.

I thought i'd share with you some of our new favorites.

I hate lasagna but Ryan loves it, so I decided to try out this Chicken, Ham and Spinach Lasagna. I actually really enjoyed it and would defiantly make it again because it was simple.

Ryan had a go at making burritos (another dish I can't stand) but I also enjoyed this too. They were not mega spicy but had plenty of flavor. Win Win for me!

Cake, so we've only had this once but I love baking with Kairi, she loves helpful and this cake (which was a shop mix that we added lemon too) was so tasty! 

Baked Camembert, what can I say? WOW! I had never tried it before and now I LOVE it! It tasty exactly like the cheese from Disney's cheesy chips... perfect.

Home made pie pizza, the dough sits like a pie and the rest is more like a filling. I love pineapple and cheese so its a great one for me. 

Risotto, the crunchy of the courgette and pine nut, the  buttery taste and the lemon and mixed with creamy rice... perfect. 

Salad - I've really been enjoying our prawn and avocado salad. We've added a few bits like radishes to it over the weeks. I love pairing it up with muscles... yum!

Salmon or fish. Me and Ryan love salmon and the girls love fish fingers, thrown in a salad and some chunky chips and its a perfect meal. 

What are your favorites for the week?

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