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Being a tech-heavy family we have a bit of everything. Ipad, Kindle, Windows Tablet, Pc's, Mobiles (I could go on, but ill spare you an hour reading!) It's great to have so much technolgy arround us, but the downside comes when someone else is using what you want!

Having 2 young girls I often find it hard to get time on my PC so automatically switch to a tablet. I love Ryan's tablet which runs on windows (PC version and not windows tablet version!) but often he uses this at work. I needed a more reliable option for keeping my blog up to date on the go and having social media at hand!

My main problem was being out and about, how could I keep up with tweets, likes, shares, pin, emails and everything else? I didn't want to take the iPad out with me because it was too big for what I needed and I'd also have to find a stable wifi connection! Enter my phone! My iPhone is great, I have it with me all the time and it has fantastic apps that do EXCACTLY what I need! Apart from the usual email, text and call, here are my 9 too apps for using your phone to help keep your blog and social media up to date!

1. Facebook pages
I love how this app lets me do everything I need to. I managed multiple pages. (ie Mummies Waiting and 12 Days of Parenting) I can't easily switch between the page I want to manage, reply to messages, comments, check likes, update statuses, post photos & videos and share anything I need to.

2. Capture
If you post a lot of video then this app is great to have. Capture allows me to edit my videos, put them together, add effects and create films. When I'm finished I can upload them straight to YouTube at the touch of a button.
The only downside to this app is that you have to have it open when uploading, so you can't do anything else, but uploading is usually a quick process, so it's not too much of a problem.

Probably my most favourite app and site at the moment, ITTT (If This Then That) allows you to create recipes that make your life easier and it REALLY does!
I have recipes such as if it's going to rain today, give me a notification at 8:30am not to forget my umbrella or put washing out!
For blog purposes I use it to cross my social media posts for me. If I write a blog post it will automatically Pin it for me, upload a status to my Facebook page and sent out a tweet.
Or even send out an update everyday at 10am on Facebook and Twitter to remind followers to check out my last post.

4. Google Calendar
I can't believe I actually had to put Google onto my IPhone! But unfortunately Apples calendar just didn't do the job I needed it too!
Pairing Google Calendar with ITTT means that I can set up as many events in my phone as I like and as that even triggers a status and tweet will be sent out. It means I don't have to remember to post everyday and I can still get engagement.

5. Pinterest
I can pin, re pin, follow boards and generally make sure things are going okay. It's a simple app that does everything I need it to so I can stay on top of my Pinterest.

6. Twitter
The Twitter app is simple but perfect too, I can tweet, follow people, retweet, favourite and everything else that goes along with Twitter.

7. Instagram
I've also pared this with ITTT meaning I can take and edit photos on Instagram and when I upload them they go straight to all my social media platforms. I can add hashtags, upload video and it's a great way to get seen by new people.

8. Blogger
The blogger app is quite simple, I can create, edit and send posts, check out my blog and that's about it really. I would love it to let me do more (such as check my views, schedule posts, add hyperlinks etc) but for now it's still helpful to be able to post and create posts when I'm not at home. I just have to set myself reminders to upload at the right time.

9. Google AdSense
Currently I decided not to make money on my blog, I'm on maternity leave. But this app is great for those who do, you can pair it up with the pay pal app to see what your getting and send it straight to your account. Perfect!

What are your top apps? Do you use something different to me or do you have all the same, I'd love to know?

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