Having 'me time' as a mum


Having 'me time' as a mummy is an important part of my weekly routine. After asking 'Do you want Minnie or Daisy?' 'Can you please put you shoes on?' Or changing a nappy for the 30th time that week, I start to go a bit insane!

At first having 'me time' was hard. I didn't (and still don't really) want to leave my girls, I couldn't see the benefits and often worried about feeding them.
But 1 hour on a Sunday evening is all it takes. I go out, I breathe fresh air (carrying so little belongings I feel naked!) and take an exercise class.

Hanging around with people my age, we laugh, we joke and no one mentions children! I don't have to change nappies, hear crys (although I often wonder if they are at home crying for me) and I have space to move around free with no one under my feet

When I get home I'm all refreshed, I'm like a new mum again, ready to battle the week ahead, my girls are there, safe, happy and ready for a cuddle and a feed. I feel great and although just before I left I didn't want to go, now I'm back I feel happier and I'm glad I went!

My worries have mostly gone now, I will feed before I leave and as soon as I'm back. They're fine for the hour and love the quality time with their dad.

I add in a few extra things that I wouldn't usually be able to do, they go like this:
1. Listen to music USING HEADPHONES!! Loud and not frozen!
2. Drink a WHOLE drink to myself without anyone asking to share.
3. Use stairs because when I have the buggy I have to walk the long way!
4. Miss my family, it's good to miss them a little bit, it makes coming home that little bit more special!

Hoe do you spend you me time? Do you try to get some everyweek?

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