The Breastfeeding Angels of Christmas!

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Another year has passed and as I lay here under the tree staring at the sparkly Christmas lights, I'm think about how bless I am, I'm feeding 2 of you this year!

Breastfeeding hasn't always been easy (right now your teeth are digging into me!) Between the 3 of us we've battled thrush, mastitis, cracked/sore nipples and our current issue seams to be when ever you sister is teething. The pain gets unbearable, BUT STILL we continue!

Christmas is a time to be thankful and I'm so thankful I've been able to share this journey with you both, watch you smile and laugh at each other between sips and gulps! But most of all I'm thankful to my angels; to my mum who breastfed me and spoke about it so I knew it was 'normal', to the lady at the café who finally got me feeding without pain, to the team on the phone who managed to get me a doctors appointment to get rid of mastitis, but mostly to my sister, the biggest angel of them all. She fed my niece for months in pain, she would grit her teeth and still carry on, I'm thankful to her, she supported me every step of the way and shew me that I COULD do it, we can make iut through this pain and it WILL get better.

So thank you to all my angels, may you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. x

The code word for the Celebrating Breastfeeding Christmas Extravaganza is Mistletoe. 
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