Goodbye Granddad.


We lost a great man yesterday. At the age of 75 my Granddad sadly said goodbye to the world. He spent his last week doing everything he loved, having lay-ins, making jokes, cuddling his dogs, loving my nan and cooking good food.
Granddad taught me so many things from stories of clowns in barrels under collapsing bridges (I'll explain that one one day) to his first taste of oranges filled with salt. (They washed up from the sea). If you knew him you'd know he loved to tell his stories, he had a passion for history of our home town and a bigger passion to share it.
Granddad would love to tell you new things and show you new places, we'd go on walks to 'Hollow Trees', drive out to 'Church Farm' (past bang-a-drain corner), we'd pick fruit in the woodland, visit 'castles' (which really were only a piece of leftover wall) and 'The Church with the wooden leg!'.

He taught me how '5 more minutes' in bed could be stretched out to an hour if you try hard enough! How breakfast isn't really worth eating unless it's cooked (especially dippy eggs!) and how pancake day isn't pancake day until you've thrown up on pancakes topped with sugar and lemon. (Thanks granddad, now I can't ever eat them again!)

He taught me how to gamble my pocket money by offering me 50p of whatever change was in his hand (which was usually more, but I never chose it!) He would always be making everyone laugh with his jokes, tricks and party poppers up his nose or in his ears!
But as I stare at old photos and dream of the past, I see that most of all he had a passion for his family. He loves his family more than anything. His children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, dogs and most of all his wife (our nanny). You can see from every photo that they are in together, the genuine smile, the true happiness and the fact his was totally and utterly in love with her.
Granddad, wherever you are, I hope there is a comfy bed, a full English every morning, some slot machines, history books and plenty of great places to explore. We love you so much and will miss you forever. Thankyou for being amazing x

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