My Top 5 Disney Wishlist Items!


If you haven't already guessed, I have a love for Disney... Okay, I call it love, most would call it an obsession. If I'm not in the parks you can be pretty sure that I'm planning my next trip whether it be a dream or real! Watching Films, Singing Songs, Blogging, Vlogging or Shopping online, If it's to do with Disney, I'm doing it!

With Disney shopping in mind, I've compiled a wishlist of my top 5 Disney items!

5. A replica Cast Member Name Badge, because it's the closest I'm going to get to working for Disney for a long time!
4. An awesome Disney Dress like one of these! or some kind of outfit/costume for going Disney Bounding in the Parks!
3. Disney Coaster It's Currently around £3 including postage! Its an old roller coaster game similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon but based on the Disney Parks! This I can't wait to try!
2. Pandora Bracelet or Chamilla Bracelet and Disney Charms (either from Walt Disney World or Camilla like this beautiful castle!!) It's a bracelet that I can add to year after year collecting charms that mean something to me.
1. The Thinking Fans Guide to Walt Disney World After reading books such as The hidden Magic of Walt Disney World, Hidden Mickeys, Kingdom Keepers and The Dark side of Disney, I've been longing for another book to read, I can't wait to sit down, relax and learn something new about Walt Disney World.

Bonus. It doesn't make my top 5, but this awesome Disney book of everything would be fab to own one day too!

What'd on your wish list?

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