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So, I'm in Disney... Don't worry I've got plenty of posts and videos coming up for you while I'm away! As a treat, I thought I'd leave you with a new blogger interview and a quick introduction to their page.

Name of Blogger: Vicki

Blog Address and What it's about: Mumma and Her Monsters is about Parenting, Life and general ramblings!

What is your family set up like?
Myself (Vicki 23) and my partner (Micheal 25) we live in a medium sized house with my daughter and Micheal's 2 children on the weekends. We are also pregnant with our baby boy Olli.

How many weeks pregnant are you?
29 Weeks! Due on 13th May 2016

What is your worst pregnancy symptom so far?
Has to be the heartburn!

If you could choose, is there a particular date that you would like the baby to be born on? If so, why?
Yes, 29th April to please my mother (shes going on holiday!)

What have you brought so far?
We've brought some clothes and a beautiful rainbow hat and blanket set,

What buggy/sling do you have/are you getting?
We are getting an I-candy and a Stretchy wrap.

If money was no object, what 1 baby item would you get?
We would love a Poddlepod.

Have you decided on any parenting methods yet?
We'd like to Baby wear, Breastfeeding, Express and Bed share.

Do you have a favorite or hospital outfit already picked out?
Not yet, just the Knitted Hat and Blanket.

Vicki and her Family visiting the Coco-Cola Truck!
Don't forget to hop over to Mumma and Her Monsters and say Hi!

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