Feeling under the weather!


Today I'm feeling under the weather, I have a cold, my sinuses are painful and my head is spinning!

The girls are not getting on well today, trying to push and bite each other, stealing each other's toys and generally winging about each other.

Kairi is trying to potty train today, so far it's been great, I haven't given her the option on a nappy and every wee has been on the potty! Unfortunately I don't think I explained to her she has to poo on the potty too, so I ended up trying to clean soft poo out of her underwater and trousers :(

Most of all I'm suffering for Disney Depression! I'm missing Disney so much and can't wait to be back! I've got so many blogs to write and vlogs to record, but with my head in the clouds I just can't think!
Stay tuned! The posts are still coming' we've got some great reviews on Mondays, cooking on Wednesdays and Disneyland info on Friday!

Right now I'm just going to lay on the sofa, planning in my notebook, watching YouTube and dream about Disney!

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