March Favorites!


I often find favorites and end up falling in love with them! Most of the time it is food related (whoops, I love to indulge!) but it can be other things too. Here is my collection of March favorites, basically things I just couldn't have made it through March without!

Disney notebook from Disneyland Paris
This notebook from our trip to Disneyland Paris has kept me so organised this month! Full of to do lists, meal plans and general scribbles, I don't think I would have remembered this post without it! 

Chocolate Easter Mini Egg Nests
 These Chocolate Easter Egg Nests that we have made (twice now!) are so tasty! We vlogged about them in our latest video and I'm pretty sure they had disappeared 5 minutes later!

Disney Countdown app
This Countdown app is fantastic for keeping me excited for our current trip (not that I need ANY help!) With a touch of a button I can see exactly how long we have left and I give it bonus points for its fantastic ability to have a customized background!

Foxs Crunch Creams and a Cup of Tea
 Having tea and biscuits for breakfast is a scrummy treat, I'd have this everyday if possible!

Disney Princess Doll Merida
Playing Disney Princess dolls with the girls is so much fun. Shouting 'I am Merida!' or making them throw tantrums or float in a teacup, it really helps the hours of the day pass!

Volvic Water Cherry
Volvic Cherry flavor water is heaven! I can drink a bottle a day and right now its on offer in Tesco! 4 for £3...BONUS!

Diet Coke and Galaxy Milkshake
 I love a treat of Coke or Milkshake every now and again and I try not to be a stranger! These are fab to pick up on shopping day or at the weekend!

Toddlers at the Park on Slide
 The weather is finally warming up! Thank you! It's so nice to be able to take the girls to the park and even have coats off!! Seeing them play together is so nice!

Asda Pink Rain Mac
 This Rain mac from Asda is mega cute! Mum got both the girls one for Easter and me and Kairi just couldn't wait for them to be able to wear it! I'm so glad the weather is warming up!

Activia Yogurt and Rocket Salad
 My favorite items for lunch right now are Activia Yogurts (especially Kiwi flavor) and a Salad (Rocket, Cherry Tomatoes, Feta and a Balsamic Glaze) YUM!

Main Street Castle Picture at Disneyland Paris
My absolute March Favorite just has to be our trip to Disneyland Paris! We vlogged about it on our YouTube page and have many more videos coming and posts on the Disney section of the Blog!

What was your favorite this month?

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