Disneyland Paris Vlog March 2016 - Day 1 Afternoon


Disneyland Paris Vlog March 2016 - Day 1 Afternoon http://youtu.be/z6v4Pp_7RV8 This is Day 1 of our vlogs from our trip to Disneyland Paris 7th -11th March 2016. We traveled by Eurostar and Stayed at Disney's Santa Fe Hotel for 4 nights. It was amazing! We finally made it to Disneyland Paris, what a week to come with a whirlwind of weather! Sun, snow and rain, but it's Disneyland who cares! We started off the trip right with a ride on Its a Small World, we then stuck to fantasyland for a while before making our way round the park. Isn't the castle the most beautiful thing! We finished our night with dinner in Blue Lagoon, Shopping in World of Disney and then a lovely walk back to the hotel before checking in, what a Magical adventure! _ Why not check us out in other places? Blog http://ift.tt/1her4bV Facebook page http://ift.tt/1LFDqoY Twitter https://twitter.com/MummiesWaiting Instagram http://ift.tt/1R1qbPV

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