Disneyland Paris Vlog March 2016 - Day 2


Disneyland Paris Vlog March 2016 - Day 2 http://youtu.be/h9vIVO8xanA This is Day 2 of our vlogs from our trip to Disneyland Paris 7th -11th March 2016. We traveled by Eurostar and Stayed at Disney's Santa Fe Hotel for 4 nights. It was amazing! Today was our first full day in the parks so we started it off the right way with breakfast in Café Mickey! Then straight into the parks to grab the rest of Extra Magic hours, we got loads of rides done and had an amazing day complete with dinner in Bristro Chez Rémy, u unfortunately Naminé lost a shoe! But the day was totally made when Kairi fell in love with 'the mouse ride' (Ratatouille) and the 'up down up down' (Parachutes) in Walt Disney Studios. We had so much fun in both parks, but the Disneyland Park has to be our favourite! _ Why not check us out in other places? Blog http://ift.tt/1her4bV Facebook page http://ift.tt/1LFDqoY Twitter https://twitter.com/MummiesWaiting Instagram http://ift.tt/1R1qbPV

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