Poundland Birthday Pack Review!

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As your children start to get older, being invited to parties becomes a regular occurrence. However buying presents, sometimes every week, can become very expensive and leave you giving cheap gifts you know won't be used. Since being a mum I feel I've learnt the value of books and I've learnt that you can never have too many! If you're looking to cut down your spending, books can be a cheap idea that always greatly received. Couple this with some nice paper, a card and possible a pack of sweets and Poundland has us covered!

birthday present
This Minnie Mouse Birthday present set is perfect for any Disney lover! Lets see whats in the pack!

birthday book pack

Recently in Poundland I spotted these fantastic gift packs! They're perfect for a party present and at £1 they're a steal! (Not literally steal, just pay the £1, it's totally worth it!!) Inside each pack is a very well made Disney Book, along with matching gift wrap (which is strong!), a tag, a card and an envelope. There are 3 different (that I've found so far) packs, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella and Cars, all which I have pictured bellow,

The inside of the books are fantastic quality, perfect for children who can read and those who's parents read to them.Below are examples of the book, tag, card (front of the pack) and the wrapping paper (back of the pack).

Poundland Birthday Pack Cars
Poundland Birthday Pack paper

Poundland Birthday Pack minnie
Poundland Birthday Pack minnie back

Poundland Birthday Pack cinderella
Poundland Birthday Pack cinderella paper

So i'll meet you later in Poundland where I'll be buying the all the packs up! Fantastic quality, simple and cheap gift, perfect!

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