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Before having children Myself and Ryan used to love playing games such as Catan, Escape and RA. Being a parent is hard work and suddenly, you realize you haven't actually stopped and done something fun for yourself! So you plan to have friends over and realize you only know how to entertain guests under 5! No problem, whether 6, 36, 66 or 106, Randomise is the game for you!

Randomise Card Game Pack

The game came in a pretty toddler proof box (as you can see the girls tried to get to the cards before I could!) the colors are bright and eye catching, the design fun and it's perfect size to pop in your handbag (which is great for long train trips, late buses and having something fun to play with your friends at a moments notice!)

Randomise Card Game Pack Back

The back of the box was similar, it told me everything is I needed to know about the game (which you can read more about) and made me ready to play, I was desperate to open it so decided not to wait!

Randomise Card Game Sample Cards

Randomise comes with 3 main card piles A, B and C, you can look up the rules on this page, but the short version you take 1 card of each pile, choose easy or hard and your opponent gives you 3 numbers (2, 3 and 1) and that's the character you are. (So in this case I'm a friendly horse chopping onions!) The opposing team has to guess what you are before the time runs out scoring points and bonus points for correct words!

Each box also comes with 2 scoring and timing cards (one for each team, so everyone can see - which is awesome if you are playing with people who will cause others of cheating!)

Ryan Playing Randomise Card Game

There are 3 (self explanatory) ways to play; Drawing ( you'll need a pen/paper, whiteboard or tablet), Acting and Describing. If you don't have the tools for drawing available, don't worry! Randomise is extremely flexible (so your still able to start an impromptu game at your picnic in the park!) you can just miss the drawing part out and describe or act instead. If your kids are younger than the recommended age range or you dot have enough players, you can just tweak the game and still play too (the instructions also list alternative ways to play, making the game even more value for Money!)

Once I'd had a look I was desperate to play! I took Randomise with me to my local youth group (aged 6-12) and the kids loved it! We were amazed by each other's drawings, laughing at the acting and desperate to guess the correct answers (lots of shouting during the describing!) After each team had taken a turn all the children had picked it up and were so excited for their turn. Randomise is easy to understand and most definitely fun to play in small groups and large!

Now I had a feel for the game I couldn't wait to have a go with my friends! We formed our teams (and came up with awesome team names!) and started playing! Within seconds we were having a laugh and felt totally relaxed. At first everyone was drawing (do you love my poor bride flying a kite?!)

My attempt at drawing at Randomise Card Game

But soon people started getting up to act and describe. When it came to my 3rd turn I decided I act and did a fantastic monkey impression!

Doing a Monkey impression Randomise Card Game

We had so much fun we didn't want the game to end (unfortunately we are adults with responsibilities and friends who have to go home!)

If you run a Youth Group, are an Adult who loves to play games or have children then this game is definitely for you. We have had hours of fun so far and I know there is plenty more to come! Randomise is currently available on Amazon for £9.99 which is a bargain for a game that is so versatile!

Thank you to the people at Gamely for sending me a free copy of Randomise to review (all oppinions are my own) and more importantly for giving us the power to laugh and have a great time with and without our children!

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