Disneyland Paris March 2016 - Day 5


Disneyland Paris March 2016 - Day 5 http://youtu.be/1v3sUyAqFHM This is our final day, Day 5 of our vlogs from our trip to Disneyland Paris 7th -11th March 2016. We traveled by Eurostar and Stayed at Disney's Santa Fe Hotel for 4 nights. It was amazing! We really wanted small world to be our last ride but unfortunately it wasn't working, we managed to see 2 extra parades today though so we were very excited! Kairi got to say goodbye to the castle and we grabbed some amazing shots of the girls playing. It's was truly a holiday to remember! _ Why not check us out in other places? Blog http://ift.tt/1her4bV Facebook page http://ift.tt/1LFDqoY Twitter https://twitter.com/MummiesWaiting Instagram http://ift.tt/1R1qbPV

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