May Favorites - Something Old, Something New and Something I'd like!


I'm sharing my favorites again this month, but with a bit of a difference! This month I'm sharing my 5 New favorites, my 5 old favorites and 5 that I can't wait to own! (One day!)

Mummies Waiting May Favorites
Something New!

My top 5 this month are mostly about me and having me time! Feeling good as a parent is essential, it keeps you going through those long cold rainy 'noo we can't go out' days and those days where you just don't want to step out of bed!

My most recent purachase was a new Yankee candle for our home. After trying out the christmas scent box, I fell in love with 'Spiced Orange' and finally (after 5 months!) decided to make my purchase. Being a lover of all things Christmas this candle makes me feel warm and homely, especially on those cold and rainy days. The fresh smell of orange coupled with the cloves in the perfect scent for my home and is exactly what I need at the end of a long day.

I rarely take the time to do something by myself, with the girls at my side I usually shove on a bit of lipstick as I'm walking out the door, my hair is always tied back and I really DONT rock the mum look! This month has been different and I've picked up a few 'me' products. Firstly there is my new Radox Feel blissful bubble bath. I haven't tried Radox in year and already I can remember exactly why I love it. It's like slipping into heaven. The scent, the softness as it touches my skin, its now made it to my next shopping list too (I need a back up!)

Kairi and Naminé love to empty my handbag at any moment they can, so of course fragile things just don't last long at all in this house. I recently (2 weeks ago!) brought an awesome pair of sunglasses from Asda for £5 but alas the girls got hold of them and now they have no arms! I refuse to spend £5 a fortnight all summer so luckily found another great (and very similar) pair of sunglasses in £land. Perfect for the sun and even better for hiding those bags! (or in my case, suitcases!)

I've been really into painting my nails recently, but usually I only go for red. This month I grabbed myself a new grey gel shine nail varnish and clear top coat from Avon. The colour is perfect and I absolutely love it. So much so that I'm set on grey to paint the front room! This light colour goes perfect with every outfit and with the top coat isn't constantly chipping off (though it doesn't last long so could be much better!)

My final newbie is a family activity. This month I popped into Wilkinson's and picked up a few packets of Little Growers seeds. It was great to spend time planting with the girls, If you watch our vlogs you will see that we have really enjoyed watch them grown so far. Kairi has been telling everyone that she is growing Tomatoes and Peas and can't wait to eat them at the end of the summer. These packs were really cheap and so easy to do! As well as out tomatoes and peas, we decided to take a go at growing rocket and cress too. I also went back to the store 2 days ago and picked up sunflower seeds to grow them too!

Mummies Waiting May Favorites
Something Old!

My 5 old things this month have been very trusty and helpful! From getting vlogs and blogs done to saving me money, these products never let me down.

I absolutely love vlogging at the moment, capturing the girls lives to watch back as they get older and sharing our story with others is what its all about. My Nikkon Coolpix s6600 is the perfect camera for vlogging, with its high resolution and its movable screen I can capture great video anywhere.

As I spend so much time blogging and editing videos, I needed something flexible that could do exactly what I needed it too. Coupled with WordPad and Movie Maker I can blog and edit vlogs on the go meaning I'm always up to date. The Asus Transformer Book is the perfect tool for this and if you follow us on Instagram you'll see it was perfect on the train this week!

After years of drinking liters of coke and squash I'm finally starting to make the healthier switch to water. Volvic's cherry water is the perfect balance to make the switch, its refreshing and so my more healthier that the gallons of fizzy drinks that used to be on the menu. I'm saving money and not taking in as much sugar - bonus!

Shorty after Naminé was born I realized I couldn't keep up with having 2 children in cloth nappies. Being by myself it felt like an endless sea of washing and I was quickly being pulled under! Fast forward a year and they're back! We are using cloth at home for Naminé full time and both girls during the nights. We're saving money and the girls love to choose what they can wear thanks to Tot Bots nursery rhyme pictures!

I wrote a post at the beginning of the month on my Bullet Journal and how it comes in handy! I seriously LOVE IT! After trying it for nearly 2 months now I seam to be getting everything done (and more) my blog and YouTube are both up to date and my home life is happy!

Something I want!

Everyone has a list of things they'd like to own, right? I know my husband really wants an IPad Pro and pen, but enough of him, this is my list!

Carrying my girls close not only makes my life easier but is lots of fun too. I already own 2 Madame Goo Goo's (Minnie Mouse and Snow White) but I think it's time for a third. I would love an Onbu which are easy to put on and smaller than regular buckled carriers. Perfect for older children, I just need to decide on the design!

As I love my Yankee Candles I already know what the next one on my list is. When popping into Clinton's to buy birthday bits for Kairi in April I spotted these Lemongrass and Ginger candles that smell Divine. I can't wait to get my hands on one for the perfect spring/summer scent.

If you have any interest in make-up at all then you'll know that everywhere you look someone owns the Naked eye-shadow pallet. Until recently this wasn't really something I was after and with the endless list of products in my amazon basket its probably not going to be a purchase any time soon, but its defiantly worth the mention.

Unfortunately my Gorilla Pod decided it would fall apart! My tripod is a highly used item and something I will be replacing asap. However after the failure of the gorilla pod I am now looking into a full height tripod for filming my indoor videos (Like cooking!)

My amazon list is full of books about Disney. From Arron Walace's Thinking Fans Guide to Magic Kingdom which I've been after since 2015 to the 2nd Edition of the Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World (I have the first!) you can tell that a trip to Walt Disney World is high up on my list. Now I know its going to be a few years away, but a girl can plan right?

Did you enjoy my list? What are your 5's? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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