Sugru Review: A fix for everything!

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Sugru. It's an amazing product who's name I have come across many times online. There are pages and pages of ideas and ways Sugru can be used, from turning an old digital camera into a kids camera, strengthening phone cables, protecting your sides from your straighteners to fixing the fridge, Sugru can do it all. Check the bottom of their site for some amazing ideas!

After emailing the people at Sugru, they sent me out the Home Hacks Stater Kit for free to review I was impressed as soon as I took it out of the box. This kit comes with a booklet (which is jam packed with amazing ideas for the home!) 5 different colors of Sugru and a very sturdy tin to keep them contained.
Sugru Home Hacks

Sugru is a Mold-able Glue that cures at room temperature in 24 hours. Once cured its waterproof, UV resistant, temperature resistant (-50 to +180 degrees), electrically insulating and dishwasher proof. Sugru bonds to steel, glass, wood, aluminium and some fabrics. After reading up on it I decided it sounded amazing and I had a few family ideas to put it to the test!

Being a busy family of 4 it seams like things break easy and are in constant need of replacement. Most recently the end of the toilet roll holder snapped off! Now although it sounds like a little thing, its been almost impossible to get a replacement that will actually fit and not mean replacing the whole unit! Sugru came at the right time!
Sugru Home Hacks

I grabbed the matching white pack of Sugru and pinched of a 3rd, setting to work I molded Sugru and left it to cure for 24 hours.
Sugru Home Hacks

 I was more than impressed when the following day the toilet rolls holder was working perfectly again! A simple and easy fix and it didn't cost me a fortune!

The second fix was Cinderella! Cinderella has been in our family for years, myself and my sister played with her when we were younger and now that we have children of our own, they play with her too.
Sugru Home Hacks
Unfortunately, between us we have a toddler with VERY sharp teeth who decided to decapitate Cinderella! This was no problem for Sugru though, I quickly grabbed another 3rd from the white pack and molded her a beautiful neck brace. 24 hours later and Cinderella was ready to take her rightful spot back on top of the TV. She wont be going near any toddlers again, but shes still up there with the other princesses watching them play!
Sugru Home Hacks

The 3rd fix was my mothers towel rail, every time you wash your hands it comes off the wall! The final 3rd of Sugru was placed on the towel rail fixings to attach it to the wall and left for 24 hours.Sugru Home Hacks
The next day the towel rail finally stayed on and my mother is very impressed!

I decided not to write this post up straight away as I wanted to give Sugru a real test. I can now report its been over a month since I used Sugru for the above products and they are stringer than ever! Water has not effected them, they haven't fell off the wall, haven't broken and I've not had to replace them. I am truly impressed with Sugru and can not wait to try out some of their ideas in the book and post to my channel. (I love the cable fix and the kitchen Ipad holder!)

I got 3 fixes out of 1 pack of Sugru, which means the tin I received has the possibility of fixing 15 items (Depending on your fix), that is less than £1 a fix, which in my opinion is amazing value for money!

Whether you love a Hack, a Quick Fix or have a crazy new Idea, then Sugru is defiantly the product for you. If you'd like more information then you can check out their site here or hop on over to Amazon to buy the kit that I was sent for free.

What would you use +Sugru for?

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