The Family Bed!


Occasionally it's midnight and I'm wide awake laying squished in our bed. The girls have fallen asleep and Ryan has been in his dreamland for a while. I'm just about to transfer Kairi to her 'bed' (which is really just an short extension to ours) and budge Naminé over a bit so she's sleeping next to her sister.


Before I do I pause, I smile at my sleepy family and I say thank you for squishing me, for knowing that I'll be woken in what is probably only 3 hours away by a foot in my face or the words 'mummy milkies' (which I'm pretty sure is sleep talk for 'mummy milk please') while I'm tired and cramped it seams absolutely crZy that I would be thankful for these Hingis, but the thing is, I know the truth.

One day I won't have this anymore, time is moving way to fast and someday soon Kairi will take a big step as ask to sleep alone, all night long (not just for a few hours), Naminé is getting bigger too and it won't be long before she decides that she wants her own bed with her own *insert character here* covers!

So right now, I'm thankful, I'm thankful for not having space and being awoken at 3am because I know I'm lucky, I have my babies and for now I'm lucky to have them cuddling up next to me as they sleep.

Sleep well my beautiful family for tomorrow will be a new day, a day of adventure, memories, learning and growning up. It's happening so fast, but I promise I will savour as much of it as possible!

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