Good bye granddad


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Tomorrow we say goodbye and send you up to heaven.
I'm missing you so much already. I must have picked up the phone to call you a million times, to ask you how to weather proof a shed, to find out how you pool match has gone or if it's fishing season, to see if you are decorating for Christmas this year and when you're in so I can bring the girls over.
Right now I would do anything to speak to you one last time, for you to tell nanny 'I'll have it later', when she offers you desert or to watch you build another thing in your shed or grow tomatoes which you hate but we all loved so much.

I wanted so much to tell you all about my tomatoes that I actually will manage to grow next year and for you to see my children grow, like you did with us.

You were an amazing granddad and I will miss you everyday.
Thank you for everything you taught me and for making my childhood special. I'll never forget our moments together, I will never forget you.

I love you granddad x

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