Testing blogging apps


It's been a while since I've actually blogged. You see vlogging on my YouTube channel Mummies Waiting takes up a lot of time.
There is the actually vlogging itself, which consists of remembering to actually take video all day and walking around talking to myself looking like an idiot. Asking the dog to be quiet almost 100 times so I can actually get a shot which you can hear and then editing and uploading which is usually an hour or two of chopping clips and the waiting for them to upload. All this can result in a 3 minite video.
Anyway, back to the point of me blogging. Today I'm trying out a few blogging apps, I know blogging on my phone will be much easier than actually trying to sit down and use the PC (Vlogging definitely is). So I want to find the best way to do it.
Today I'm trying out some new apps. Bear, WordPress, BlogIt, Weebly, Blog Touch and Blogger.
iPhone blogging apps 
So far, WordPress is by far the best, only problem being I actually blog using blogger and don't really fancy paying a host.
My plan for today is to do a trial on the WordPress app and paste it into the blogger app (as the blogger app doesn't allow links but does allow formatted text) and see if it keeps my post.
Wish me luck! What blogging apps do you use? Let me know below.

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