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Routines with Kairi were never important, we did what we wanted, when we wanted. With two children aged 2 and 3, routines have become a very important part of life. Our days are often busy and filled with learning and I'm left trawling Pinterest for new ideas and more activities. So I thought I would share with you our family's daily routine.

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7:00am - Get up and have an hour to myself, I try to get my makeup done and get as organised as I can.
8:00am - Get the girls up, give them their breakfast (usually toast or cereal) and get them dressed
8:45am - Add nappies and wipes to the bag, grab coats, shoes and hats. Ryan leave for work, on a Wednesday and Thursday we walk with him.
9:00am - We are either at the train station waiting for our train (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) or we are at a group. (Tuesday & Wednesday)
11:30am - All train rides and groups are over so we head back home.
12:00pm - Sometime within the hour, we grab lunch (which normally consists of salad) and watch 1 episode of whichever programme they would like.
1:00pm - We get an activity out or attend our next group
4:00pm - Naminé usually goes down for a nap and Kairi will have some quiet time either reading, on her pad or in her workbooks.
5:00pm - the girls play again and I start to tidy round before the end of the day.
6:20pm - Ryan finished work, I get started on making dinner and preparing everything for when he is home.
7:10pm - Ryan returns home, we sit down and eat dinner, sometimes we watch the tele together.
8:30pm - The girls get the pit pyjamas on, we ready a story, have milk and they go to sleep.
9:15pm - Myself and Ryan have an hour to ourself, we watch tv or play Lego dimensions.
10:00pm - We go to bed ready to start again the following day!

What's your routine like? Let me know and check out our daily vlogs too!
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