Making Shimmer and Shine Costume Bracelets

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Shimmer and Shine seams to be the girls favourite programme at the moment and with Naminé learning how to cut and Kairi loving to paint at the moment, I thought what better activity to do than these Shimmer and Shine Costume Bracelets (Genie Cuffs) from Nick Jr.

Shimmer and Shine Crafts

First I gathered up everything we need, I'm often running around while there was paint everywhere and I really didn't want to be this time! 4 Toilet rolls tubes (2 for each of the girls), scissors, glue, blue and pink sparkly paint, ribbon, sparkles and aprons.

Shimmer and Shine Bracelet Supplies

The girls took their toilet roll tubes and cut them open from one end to the other, then put them on their arms to make sure they fit.

They each grabbed a different colour of paint (Kairi chose pink and Naminé chose blue) they coated their whole tube with paint and we left them to dry.

Once the tubes were dry, we used the glue and stuck gems/sparkles everywhere. We then made holes and threaded the ribbons through before putting them on and tying them into a pretty bow.

Shimmer and Shine Bracelets Complete

This craft was so simple to do, but the girls had loads of fun and the bracelets have provided hours of 'being a genie' play. We talked about colours, shapes and practised our fine motor skills. As we did the craft early in the morning we had a whole shimmer and shine themed day ahead of us!

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