Benefits of Breastfeeding

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I first decided that I wanted to breastfeed when I was around 20 weeks pregnant. My mum talk loads about how great it is and told me and my sister loads of stories about her breastfeeding journey.

When I was 26 weeks pregnant, my sister had her little girl Lilli and started breast feeding. She attended baby cafes where mothers get together talk about babies, eat cake! and breastfeed. At around 35 weeks pregnant, I attended the baby café for the first time and shortly after attended the breast feeding workshop too. It was then I made up my mind 100% that I deffinalty wanted to breast feed my baby. I wanted to give her the best start to life, I mean, I’d been through so much to get her, so why not!

I love how breastfeeding is so convenient, I can feed wherever, whenever, my little princess is putting on loads of weight and she is always happy. I love the bond we share and even when feeding at 4am I feel happy deep inside. I love how cute she looks when she is nuzzling up to me as she's trying to find my boobs for a feed and I love the fact I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to make a bottle, there is no sterilizing and no taking powder and water around with me and then worrying about what I will do if we go on holiday!

We went to Cambridge for a 2 day trip the other week and it wasn't until I started packing that I realized 'Wow, my little girl needs a LOT of stuff!' but then I though 'imagine how much more she would need if we had chose to bottle feed her!' We'd have to worry about a sterilizer, all the bottles, buying the powder, it's so much easier being able to feed her as and when she needs.

Most of all though, the two best benefits for me have been the overwhelming help and support for anything I needed to know from the other mums that breastfeed as you make such an amazing bond with them too and seeing my little girl look up at me every time I feed her as if to say 'thank you mummy, I love you'

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