Breastfeeding Beyond a Year

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If you would have asked me about 11 months ago before I knew I was pregnant, 'If you breastfeed, how long would you do it for?' I would of probably answered with a small number like 1 month!

thinking about it now though (especially over the past few weeks) I can't wait to be breastfeeding over a year! It's not that I want to rush the time away but I've read about all these amazing moments like baby being able to sign 'milk' and then sign 'please' on your chest! How heart melting.

I read an article about a week ago which is an interview of 2 children who are 7 and 9, they can remember being breastfed. It touched my heart how they talk about what it meant to them and how they feel when they see babies being breastfed now 'I feel like, “hooray!”  I feel happy because that child must be healthy and happy and that mother wasn't afraid to do what was best for her child, even in front of strangers.'

I'm not wishing Kairi's life away at all, but I really can't wait until she is 1 and 1/2 and I REALLY hope i'm still feeding her then! (p.s. if you get the chance, go read the article!)

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