My Top Breastfeeding Tips

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When my sister started feeding, she like many was very nervous about feeding in public (needless to say now we both do it together there is no problem!) 

So the tip I would like to share is find a 'breastfeeding buddy' go to a baby café before you start breast feeding and find someone who is willing to go out and feed with you for you first time in public. Having someone there who is in the same situation as you makes you feel like less people are staring at you (and its probably true).

My second tip, is if you can't find a 'breastfeeding buddy' then research your local area. You'll find that in most towns there are places where you can go and feed in a private room which is not a toilet. (and they are not always baby shops) In our local town I am happy to feed in any place Kairi is hungry and I'm sitting, but I know that if I ever wanted some privacy or I’m with a friend who is just not quite confident enough yet we can pop into Boots, Debanams and Palmers and there will be a place where we can go to privately feed.

The one thing I wish I'd have know about breast feeding, is not to express in the first week or so. My milk had just come in and my breasts were full so to relieve them, I expressed some milk off, unfortunately this just made them fuller an hour later as I was stimulating my milk supply. Take my advice, just use a cabbage leaf instead!

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