Crazy amazing products I just need forever! (Breastfeeding top tips)

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There are a few products I love when it comes to breastfeeding, some are great helps and some just compliment:

Coconut oil (the nipple cream from heaven!)
In those first few days when you feel like your nipple is about to fall off a bit of coconut oil goes a long way and guess what, it's also great for sore bums, cuts, bruises, cooking, washing, Hair and cleaning the body of toxins!

The purple dinosaur (aka the galt soft play activity dinosaur)
This dinosaur was originally my sisters, she brought it for her little girl to uses as an aid to sit up/have tummy time (which is what the packaging says it for) there 3 months apart, so when she grew out of it, it was passed down to us and do you know what... It makes an AMAZING breastfeeding pillow!
From the day we got it, we realised it was perfect hight for us, we use it to feed, my arms don't ache and Kairi is nice and comfy :)
It has a rattle on its tail that makes noise when it moves, so now every time I pick him up Kairi hears the noise and automatically knows milks comming!

My baby carriers (firstly my moby stretchy wrap, then my little frog (rainbow) woven wrap and finally my Madame googoo carrier.
I have to say these are my favourite products, because they have been invaluable to me, originally my stretchy taught me all about the benifits to babywearing, how it made me close to my princess, kept her calm as she could smell my milk and kept her close if I needed to feed her.
When she got bigger at about 4 months, we moved onto a woven wrap, wraps are great, they can be used as a feeding cover if needed, they help keep you warm, make great towels to sit on at the beach and of course let you feed discreetly.
Finally Kairi got bigger, we were up and down in and out and our wrap just wasn't cutting it anymore, so we decided to go for a carrier, that's when I fell in love, the Madame googoo is beautiful! It's pretty, it's comfy, we can feed in it and it's so easy to take her out!

Of course there are a few things that helped my breastfeeding that you probably already have at home!
A bed! Bed sharing has become our life (no not the 'cot death' bed sharing the safe kind, which you can learn about here)
It really has helped us, I look back now and I have no idea how for those first 2 weeks I would stay awake for EVERY feed! I think I would have died by now if I had continued! We tried Kairi in her Moses basket, we were in and out feeding on and off for 2 weeks, until the midwife came she laced next to me in bed and she me how to feed laying down, she gave me strict orders not to move all day, just lay there rest and feed when needed!
The midwife in hospital had discussed safe bed sharing and I'd done lot of research on it, so we decided to give it a go! My thoughts 'WHY DIDNT I DO THIS SOONER!'
That day was amazing, I layed down and fed Kairi, we slept in between and bonded more than we had managed to before, I was in love (with my bed, breastfeeding and finally my baby)
Now every night we go to bed and Kairi sleeps with us, we've never rolled on her, smothered her, hit her or any of the other horror stories. We don't drink, smoke or take drugs and she doesn't share a cover with us (so no overheating) she has her own part of the bed, though often a leg or arm seams to like my part of the bed!
But we feed, we feed on and off thought the night and in the morning no one knows any the wiser, the only proof is the dribble round her mouth or my wet top, it's perfect, I feel well rested and she has a full tummy.
I'd advise anyone to look up safe bedsharing and see how great the benifits could be for them.

What about you? What's your favourite tip or item?
Love Kairi and Mummy x

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