Pump, Pump, Pump it up! (Pumping)

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Pumping! Wow, I hold an award for the mothers that exclusively pump, your are amazing and truly deserve a medal.

When I was ready to return to work, I pumped and I pumped and I pumped, I panicked I wouldn't have enough milk and I pumped some more! The thing is! She didn't want any milk and if she did 3-4oz was plenty for her.
Pumping is hard work, to do it successfully, you really need to pump at the same time, everyday or week for a while to get your supply up. When I first started pumping to go back to work, I probably got around 2-3oz out, after a couple of months of 10min sessions, once a week I was getting out full 9oz bottles! From 1 boob!!

My advice on pumping and returning to work, is try not to worry, start pumping early, get your routine and build a little supply so you don't worry, most importantly, trust your baby, try leaving him/her for a few hours with a little milk, see how they go, its the only way to work out what (if any) they will really need.

and remember if you manage to get too much milk, donate it :) their are lots of babies in this world who need it and lots of mummies and daddies who would be very grateful :)

Did you pump? Are you going to?
Mummy and Kairi x

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