The day the men probably burnt their tongues! (Nursing in public and funny memories)

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A year ago when me and my sister first started breastfeeding we had a few funny stories, one of my favorites was when we were sitting in our local coffee shop next to the glass window, their are chairs on the inside and chairs on the outside. We were sitting on the outside while 2 men where sitting right next to us on the other side of the glass. The girls got hungry so without any issue we discreetly started feeding them, within minutes the men must of notices, to see their faces and watch them down their drinks before quickly walking away will be a memory that I will never forget!

My main tips for nursing in public have to be, find somewhere your comfy, feeding seams to be 10x harder if your not comfy, you don't HAVE to nurse in the middle of a shop/restaurant etc, BUT noone can legally stop you if you do. Its your choice, feed your baby, take a friend the first few times, get a cover if you feel you need to or have a vest top under your normal top, 1 up one down.

Whats your top tips? Do you feed in public?
Mummy and Kairi x

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