Were pregnant again! (Breast feeding beyond a year)

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So Yay, great news, were having another baby! Kairi is currently 14 months and were still feeding, with no plans to stop anytime soon!
Tandem nursing... <3 Its my dream!
I can't wait to hold both my babies in my arm and share our special cuddle and milk :)

So breastfeeding a toddler, have you heard of nurselympics?! Its where its milk time and there is a upside down toddler hanging off your boob, with a foot in your eye, grabbing the phone from next to you and she still manages to get all the milky goodness she needs!
Seriously though, feeding a toddler is a lovely feeling, she knows what her milk is, where its coming from and we know each other so well we can read all time milk time signs. We get to share special long cuddles throughout the day and night.

Breastfeeding in pregnancy is going well so far, my main concern is that my milk will disappear, but everything seams to be going fine, Kairis still happy and she really doesn't look like she wants to stop any time soon!

Did you/ will you tandem feed? Looking forward to nursing a toddler?
Mummy and Kairi x

5 blogs I can't wait to read today :)
Eats on Feats - For Milk Sharing

An amazing company with great products :)
Wriggles and Giggles - A great Company that have great products and fantastic cloth nappies too (we use these on Kairi)

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