What to pack - Toddlers Disney Holiday Travel Bag!

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So with a week to go, we decided to pack Kairi's activity backpack for the train and Eurostar.

We will be traveling for 2 days, with a long journey on the train. Although we hope to get a table, it's not always possible, so we've packed items that are fab for any small space (we packed similar when we went on the airplane to Majorca too.) along with some snack packs (for the journey and to use though out the week).

So firstly I went about wrapping 15 individual cars (small and medium sized) these are great to give at different parts of the journey and being wrapped they add a bit of excitement. We found these especially helpful last time and the girls still love to play with the cars whenever they find them. I never use 15, but it's great to have extras to give to other parents who have an upset child and an hour to go. (They'll be very greatful and you'll be happy you've done your good deed for the day!)

All wrapped and put in a dino bag for ease of access!

Next I filled another dino bag with snacks! Theres 13 bags to last through the week (roughly 2 a day) perfect for when we're queueing or between meals. I'll also be packing things like carrot sticks, cereal etc for the train journey.

Next I took out her ID band and filled in all the details. Popped it in her bag ready to go.

Next stop, toys! I grabbed an organza bag and 3 toys from £1land. Mermaid, fairy and a tea set (she's really into making 'tup-a-tea' and fairys at the moment and it won't matter if they get lost, unlike it would if we took her stuff from home!

Next a sticker and activity book and this handy colouring stick, takes up less room and it's crayons so it won't stain or ruin anything!

Pirate and princess snap cards to get into the Disney holiday theme (4 packs for £1 in £1land) they're fun and she can learn at the same time.

I brought her a Mickey Mouse pez (which I also wrapped up for her to open on the Eurostar. A sweet treat which she doesn't often get with a bit of Disney.

Her Minnie light spinner so we don't have to buy another one when we get there and we can take it straight into the park for night (we're not checking in when we get there!)

The smallest dinosaur as a purse to put her Euros in. She'll love having her own money!

And of course her bottle holder and 'juice' (water). I love all the trunki bags because they have the clips meaning I can attach them (like her water) to the putside of the bag, buggy or carrier for ease of access :)

And that's it! We're ready to go! Next to pack our clothes and my hand bag!
We're so excited!! What would you pack?

Mummy, Kairi and Naminé

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