What to pack - Clothes for a baby and toddler at Disney!

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So I started packing clothes today. I'm rolling outfits up together so things are easier when we get there and I'll also put the spare outfit on the top of the bag so it's ready just incase.

I have a few more bits to buy like white tights/vest, 1 new matching outfit each and a cardie for Kairi. I need to add their tutus which are on their way in the post, coats and babygros for extra spares/nightware.

Sunday - main traveling outfit - a personalised first Disney trip top each complete with homemade Minnie and tulle skirts.

Monday - traveling and first 1/2 day at park - Naminé has this cute jumper and jeans combo (tights and long vest underneath to add extra warmth incase) and Kairi has her Minnie tshirt with jeans (also with tights and long best underneath)

Tuesday - the girls have their tutus (belle themed for Kairi and Cinderella themes for Naminé) paired with white tights and cardies.

Wednesday - Naminé has this cute Cinderella coloured dress (this is the first outfit we brought her, I can't wait for her to finally get to wear it!) and Kairi has her new Tinkerbell dress, both are pared with tight and will have a cardie with them too.

Thursday - Naminé has her Disney dungereese with pink tights and tshirt from her auntie Vicki and Kairi has her princess dress from her nanny with a long sleeve pink best and pink tights underneath to keep her warm.

Friday - Kairi has her new Minnie Mouse dress with matching headband and Naminé has Minnie Mouse babygro.

Spare outfit - Naminé has another dungereese dress with a long sleeve white vest and pink tight and Kairi has dungereese shorts with a long sleeve white vest and pink tights.

Nightware - Naminé has bambi pjs and Kairi has a princess night dress.

What's your favourite holiday outfit?

Love mummy, Kairi and Naminé.

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