Cherishing that last feed.

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I'm still breastfeeding both my girls, so how can I post about the end of my journey right? We'll I have had an end of my journey, the end of mine and Kairi's journey, the one there was just the two of us, where I was wide awake and could spend nights staring at her. Of course feeding Naminé too is really exciting, but I still mourn for the days where it was just me and Kairi.

When we fell pregnant with Naminé I was over the moon. A week later I was crying my eyes out! Now I know pregnancy hormones where playing a major part in this! But I had realised that this would be the end of me and Kairi. We wouldn't have anymore time just us two and I wasn't sure how to feel about it.

At one point of my pregnancy Kairi fed once in about 24 hours, I didn't feel full and I thought that was it. I sobbed my heart out, I felt I'd forced her to wean early which was never what I wanted, I was so upset. The next day she had a growth spurt and fed like crazy, we were back on track and I promised myself them to cherish every feed!

I was so upset, I held Kairi tight and I sobbed, I cherished every feed and lay awake staring at her for as much as possible. On the day night I was being induced, they let Kairi stay in with me. She fed pretty much all night, strengthening my contractions which I mourned for the end of our journey, enjoying every moment we had together.
Just before they took me to have my waters broken, I gave her one last feed and mummy and Kairi, ready to meet her in a few hours to start our tandem journey,

Sometimes I still really miss those days, but of course I'm so glad we have Naminé now.

I will always love the time we had just Kairi and mummy, it will always bring a happy tear to my eye x

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