Fast and Simple Sensory Play - Salt Dough.

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My girls love sensory play (Namine loves it much more if its edible, which this is!) and I love play this simple to set up and more importantly quick to put away! So I love this fast recipe for salt dough, its easy enough that I can make it with the girls (double activity points!) and it still makes for a long activity! Even better after you can cook what you make and keep it, so this one is great for Christmas tree decorations or handmade gifts for friends! (Just keep the dough white if you want to paint it!)

So here is our simple salt dough!

Things we used:
Mixing Bowl
Food Coloring (We tired red, blue, green and yellow Liquid and Gel)
A 'Cup' sized measuring spoon (a mug works just as well)
A Jug of Water

Firstly we filled the bowl with 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt, we mixed it up and then measured out half a cup of water (for mugs just stick to the 2, 1, 1/2 measurements) added a few drops of food coloring and started mixing. In less than a minute we had our salt dough ready!
*Liquid food coloring worked really well, Gel wasn't very good at all!

After a bit of stirring, here was our finished product. We were ready to set up and play! No mess so far!

We set up our mess sheet (but didn't really need them), A bunch of 'cooking' tools and put our dough out. The girls got straight to work!

Namine loved the texture and trying to eat it! (Bonus points, its edible!!)

Kairi enjoyed using the rolling pin and cutting shapes.

At the end of the activity we wrapped each piece in cling film and put in our art box ready for another day!

Have you tried salt dough before? What are your best utensils to use?

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