Leaving my baby for work

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So the first time around with Kairi I had to start my maternity leave early, I was so happy about this! Until I realised that a 6 months I would have to leave her again :(

Work was calling and I needed to make money, it was only 4 hours a week but working out how to leave my breast fed baby do that long was hell! I had no idea what I was flung to do, would she take a bottle, did I have enough to expressed milk to leave her, what if she drank it all and screamed for me! If never left her for more that a 5 mins trip to the ship before.

Do I started researching and pumping like crazy, I became obsessed with pumping and decided to buy some coconut milk as extra just in case.

The say came, I cried and held my breast milk keepsake close to my heart and she was fine! She hardly touched the milk, she wasn't sad and didn't need me!

I came straight home fed her, had the longest cuddle and pumped another big bag for next week, every week after that it got easier, the older she got the longer I could leave her and life became simpler.

Naminé is now 6 months and I have 2/3 months of maternity leave left. I don't know if I'll be going back this time, but at least I know I can do it if I want to.

How was it for you going back to work? Was it a big fuss that it didn't need to be?

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