8 top tips for traveling with kids!

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I often find myself on semi-long bus journeys or slightly long train journeys and end up at a total loss of what to do with the girls!

When Kairi was little and it was just the 2 of us, I'd put her in a sling and she would just sleep the journey away, now there are 2 and they're much older that unfortunately doesn't happen anymore!

So here are my top tips for medium journeys with kids!
1. Technology! We ban pads etc thoughout the day, but when if comes to train journeys nothing will keep Kairi interested for as long as my as a pad will! Loaded with frozen, Mickey Mouse and learning apps I'm almost gaurenteed to get an hour free!

2. Place the kids next to the window! This works for 2 reasons; firstly they can't escape and run round! Secondly you can use the window for games such as spot the sheep!

3. Bring snacks! I can't believe I forgot on the trip there this time but snacks and drinks work wonders! Vegetable sticks, fruit, cereal things they can eat lots of work wonders!

4. Nap time! Plan nap time perfectly, make it a time you know younger children will sleep, that way you don't have your hands as full!

5. Travel off peak!! The trains are less likely to be packed so you'll have lots of space, believe me there is nothing worse than being packed in like a sardine and having a toddler who's trying to strip and you can't move enough to do anything about it!

6. Travel light! Take as little as possible, if you check out my changing bag post HERE!!! You'll see I travel as light as possible, it makes all the difference when getting on and off trains and finding space!

7. Remember! Kids cry, get board and sometimes make lots of noise! That's okay, we were all children once and the likelihood of you seeing the lady who complain again is slim, so smile, take a deep breath and sing loud with your kids! People an always move somewhere else!

8. Get a table, if you can. It always makes so much difference, somewhere to eat, play but most of it all it makes you feel like you have extra space... Especially if your seat sharing with little ones!

If you feel you want a table and there isn't one free, sit down and breastfeed! Most of the time you an empty the whoe area!

Do you have any top tips for traveling? If love to hear them!

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