On the first day of Parenting... Surviving the holidays without groups!!

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Hello and thanks for hopping over from Having a Baby and Living at Home and welcome to my post for the first day of #12daysofparenting. We have many prizes to giveaway! Full details can be found on the #12daysofparenting page and all entries to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

Toddler groups are my thing! I love nothing more than to wake up and think 'yes it's Wednesday we are going to group!' Hot rolls, biscuits, tea, coffee, they're all nice... But the one thing toddler groups offer than I can't make myself when I'm stuck at home because they've stopped for the holidays... HUMAN INTERACTION!!!

Being a mum stuck at home with 2 (soon to be!) toddlers, I find myself repeating 'mum mum' 'don't hurt your sister' 'wee wees on the potty' 'do you want some water' all day long. I get plenty of conversation 'no' 'I've done a poopin'' 'da da' but no adult conversation! No one to talk to me about what's going on in the world, I can't discuss that storm that just happened, the refugee crisis and how I'd like to help or even what we need for shopping the following week!

My poor husband comes home and eat BOMBARDED with a hundred things that I've build up ALL day waiting for someone to talk to... TODDLER GROUPS ARE MY HUMAN INTERACTION!

My top tips to surviving without them are as follows;
Try and make the gap as small as possible, arrange a play date for when the next group would be or a few days before.
Buy a bundle of activities, we've made lanterns, cards, ginger bread houses, foam houses etc, it keeps toddlers occupied and passes lots of time!
Warn the husband! Let him know groups are not on so he can either have a day off or come home early. Even calling in to see how your day is going makes the word of difference!
Breathe! They will be back soon... YOU CAN DO THIS!!

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