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Hi and thanks for hopping over from Monkey and Mouse and welcome to my post for the Forth!! day of #12daysofparenting. That means 8 days to go!!!  We have many prizes to giveaway! Todays sponsor is Bambin and Me who are offering a sleepbag! Full details can be found on the #12daysofparenting page and all entries to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

Yay, This is the day I've been waiting for! Our Christmas Traditions are my favourite part of Christmas and I am honoured to share them with you all!

A lot of our Christmas traditions started from when I was little, things my mum did with us that I have been fortunate enough to get to do with my girls (even though a few f them have taken a lot to hunt down!)

This one is a new tradition that links up with an old tradition!
The New part is the box, I brought it this year, its fab! I am totally in love with it! The box is 'delivered' by santas elves on Christmas Eve (arround 4pm) Inside (although this year it doesn't all fit in because im planning for 9 of us and not 5!
It has:
x PJs for that night (makes for fab photos chrosmtas morning!),
x Hot Chocolate, Squirty Cream and Mashmallows for Everyone (dog gets puppy milk heated up with melted choc drops!) 
x A sweet treat (This year its a choc bar and popcorn and wet dog food for the dog)
x A Christmas Cracker for all
x An activity for the afternoon (art, craft, cooking or board game.
x A Christmas film to watch beforte bed
x Our Christmas Eve book (while I will talk about below)

The old part... This book took me ages to track down! I was given it for my first Christmas and the story was read to me every year, now the girls have 1 each to so it can be passed down :)

 This is the whole box delivered... (The big present is the game this year)

This Angel, She was on our tree when we were little, every year. Me and my sister would lay under the tree and sing 'I'm a fairy on top of the Christmas tree' to her. One year however, 2 days before Christmas we had a house fire as lost everything. its took me years, but I've finally tracked her down and now she is back on the tree where she belongs.

The Baubles on our tree, they are from our wedding day where we asked guest to leave a message, draw a picture or write one word. They're so nice to look at every year :)

What are your traditions?

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