On the Second Day Of Parenting... My List To Santa This Year!

Hello and thanks for hopping over from Mummy Lala and welcome to my post for the second day of #12daysofparenting. We have have many prizes to give away including a Safe Dreams Hoppy from Babybundle! Full details can be found on the #12daysofparenting page and all entries to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.


Oh the time before toddlers when your Christmas list was filled with the new Iphone76, Makeup from that expensive brand noone can really afford to wear, those shoes that will never leave the house and a box of expensive chocolates... HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED!

I've realized since having children I ask for very different things now, take this year for example I'd love nothing more than a bath alone, a minimum of 30 WHOLE minutes of peace! 2 Children that sleep through the night,  Fat wallet and a thin waist (not the other way round like it seams every year!) and a husband that shares the excitement as much as I do!

But as that't not going to happen I would settle for these other (child related) gifts instead!

A Necklace made of Breast Milk (to keep my children close when we are apart)

A tripod for my Camera (because that way I can take many more photos and shoot much more video of my girls!)

A Makeup Case (So I can hope that I won't pick up my foundation to get rid of the bags and find its been squirted all over the sofa)

A Memory Card (so I can shoot even more photos and video... and probably somewhere larger to store it all on PC!)

To be honest, I'd love nothing more than a cuddle in bed with my family before getting up and enjoying the day! 10 Sleeps to go!!

Our Christmas Code Word is: Milk

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