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So today is the twelfth day of Christmas, Christmas Eve! Adrenalin is pumping and everyone is excited. Today we are discussing the 'First Year that Santa'. For Both the girls, this year is the first year that Santa is coming, of course in different ways to each other!
This year is the first Christmas for Naminé and for Kairi it is the first year that she has known about 'Santa Clause'.

The excitement this year is brilliant. Kairi tells me a lot about Santa, she can sing Christmas carols and she knows about the reindeer. It's going to be so exciting for her this year! Going to bed and waking up to find all those wonderful gifts, that full stocking at the end of her bed and of course not for getting our Christmas eve box from Santa (delivered by his elves) the afternoon before the big day to have fun! (Eek that is this afternoon!!)

The hard thing about this year is that we will be miles away from home. We don't drive so will have to be at our families houses at least the day before Christmas and with our trip to London (to see Disney on ice!!) The problem this causes is with Santa's deliveries. Now we have spoken to the big man and he has offered to come and deliver 2 small gifts each to Nanny's house (So the girls have stuff from us to open on Christmas day) He is also okay with delivering Nanny's and Auntie Vic's presents there too, BUT he has said because of the bulk of us getting larger presents home, he will have to deliver most of the girls presents to our house which means they unfortunately can't get them until the 28th/29th December. Now we all know the girls really won't mind... but mummy does, she can't contain her excitement for that long! But Santa is right! Our other option would be for him to make an extra stop tonight (which is 20th) and leave them for tomorrow after Daddy finishes work, but opening them early seams a bit dull!

Next year will be 'The first year that Santa... Delivered everything to our house!!'

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas and Holiday season, we would love to hear all about what you got up to, leave us a message in the comment bellow :)

Mummy, Kairi and Namine x

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