12 things that I love about the season!

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Winter is here and my favourite season has begun, from snow to sparkles I want to share with you the 12 things I love about the season.

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1. Twinkling white lights

There is something quite beautiful about the white lights on a tree. Maybe I've linked them to the distant memories of snow or the light dusting of icing sugar, either way it's a beautiful sight and usually the first sign that the season is here.

2. Fashion is gone

Big puffy hats, Minnie Ears with holly on, a tinsel hair band and a over sided Christmas cardigan. At this time of year anything goes. As long as you are warm and have a smile on your face, no one thinks you are silly. I love to walk round in my ears and cardigan singing Christmas songs at the top of my voice.

3. Snow

It's cold, it's wet, it makes slush. So what's to love? Snow is so pretty, it makes perfect pictures, its fluffy and fun to step on and it brings families together as they try to bring Frosty to life. I'm so excited to take my girls out to build their first snowman this year.

4. Chocolate

One of the best things about the season has to be the face that for 25 days, chocolate is a totally acceptable breakfast (*celebrates* 'I finally fit in with the rest of the world!') The best bit about this, you're finally awarded 'best mum' by your children too.

5. Houses covered in lights and decorations

I love to take a walk through town, most of the year, as I walk down the street or drive through town, I am wishing my journey away. Not at Christmas however, at Christmas our journeys are filled with hundred of coloured lights, pop up Santas and shining lasers. The smile on your children's face as you pass is a picture you wish you could keep. Suddenly, your journey is over and you spend the next evening wondering if you should just go for a drive or a walk round own just for the sake of it.

6. Christmas Trees

In Kairi's opinion, they're not Christmas trees unless they have decorations, lights and a star on top (which disqualifies ours at home as we have no star, just a fairy!) I love how they're everywhere; shops, homes, town centres and even on the boats in the river. the magic of the tree lighting where everyone is counting down and the lights go on and suddenly your plain town looks so pretty and ready for the main man himself to deliver those gifts you've been waiting for.

7. The smells

Oh the smells. Sweet, spiced and savoury, pouring out of every door way and kitchen around. Peppermint, Cinnamon, Cloves and Sugar, the smells that tell me I just have to have one more bite, I just have to go in and sample some of their delicious treats and beautiful sausage rolls.

8. Hot chocolate

I love hot chocolate and at Christmas it just gets even better. Coffee shops do all kinds of amazing delicious flavoured hot chocolates and I start to pride myself on becoming a taste tester. Russian hot chocolate, black forest and peppermint are all delicious and the added mini candy canes, marshmallows, squirty cream, cherries and chocolate straws are perfect with every drink.

9. Festive Foods

There are so many amazing festive foods. Pumpkin pie and Christmas pudding are a great sign that the season is here and taste absolutely amazing. I seam to get into the baking spirit at this time of year too. Baking cookies, cupcakes and making my own peppermint creams. The girls love it and I get to have plenty of fun.

10. The jolly feeling in the air

Have you noticed it yet this year? I have. The feeling, its all around, everywhere you look. In shops and out at town, in the park or when walking past the river. The jolly feeling is here. Everyone is happy, they have smiles on their faces and its catching. I love this feeling, its makes you all warm inside, its happy and fun, its laughs and joy. It's just perfect.

11. The smile on children's faces

I love the smile on my children's faces. When they see Santa pass on his sleigh or we come down stairs to see what Patch the elf has been up to while we have slept. I love to see them happy, excited and laughing and this time of year brings all that.

12. The magic

Most importantly, I love the magic. I love the way that for just 1 month, everyone around you believes. Not in a man and a red suit, but in happiness and fun and family and joy. They believe in love and kindness and helping others. They bring the smiles are they are SANTA. He doesn't need to be a he, he doesn't need to be a person, but he is magic and he is belief and with that magic he gives us all the power to spread the joy and this is the thing I love most about the season.

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What do you love about the season? Let me know below.

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