Top 5 things to take to Disneyland Paris

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Packing for Disneyland Paris can be a complete mind boggle. I jump between packing so much I can't close my case and not even using it all to getting there and realising I'm missing all the things I do need. It's hard, stressful and not at all fun so I thought I would share with your my top 5 things to take to Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris packing

1. A lanyard and pouch
If you are staying in a Disney hotel then you are guaranteed to be given so much paper you need to carry around; park tickets, easy access pass, disability pass, fast passes, dining plan vouchers, pause gormendé vouchers and photopass. (I told you, so much) So grab a lanyard before you go or get one once you are there, also don't forget to invest in a sturdy pouch, Disney sell their own for €5.99 sand they have a very hand zip on them too. As a bonus you can use your lanyard to show off all your beautiful pins that you are guaranteed to end up buying!

2. Portable phone charger or spare batteries
I don't know about you but my iPhone never lasts the day anyway, so in Disneyland Paris it is pretty much constantly on charge. I grabbed this 22000mah charger from Amazon, it might sound expensive but it lasted me the whole week without having to recharge it and my phone was charged 10+ times a day. Also as I love to take photos and vlogs while I'm there, spare camera batteries are a must. I grabbed a pack of Amazon which included another charger and it was the best thing.

3. Extension lead and adaptor plug
Hotels never seem to have enough plug sockets and when they do, the closest one is always miles away from where you need it or you've ran out of travel adaptors. I always take 1 adaptor and a 3 or 4 plug extension lead so that I can charge my phone, camera batteries and something else over night.

4. Sunglasses
Whether is freezing and snowing or warm and sunny, it always seams bright at Disneyland Paris. We usually visit in March and a pair of sunglasses is always high up on my list. Save yourself some sunny headaches and grab a pair of sun glasses for your trip, you'll be glad you did.

5. Check!
I love making lists, planning and making sure I don't miss out on anything while at Disneyland Paris. I grabbed this unofficial guide to the parks Check! Which is full of tick lists and games for you to play while you wait. It has a perfect space at the back for you to add your own items and grab autographs, I usually use this to add my restaurant reservations and insurance details. 

Bonus tip!
If you have young children then consider a porta-potty or pack of stickers. Our children had been potty trained using the toilet for a long time but the magic flush (automatic flush) scared them so much they ended up in nappies again. Also grab a wrist band the little life one from boots which you can fill with your contact details and child medical information in case you get separated.

Id love to know what's in your top list, let me know bellow and don't forget to check out my other Disneyland Paris posts.
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