5 ways how we say I love you on Mothers Day

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As a family we don't celebrate mothers day the way everyone else does. We choose to say I love you in many ways throughout the year, rather than on just one day. Randomly my husband will buy me some flowers like Flying Flowers, a card, a gift, a hug or maybe even a surprise. I thought I would share with you the 7 favourite ways myself, my husband and my daughters have said 'I love you' for mothers day and the rest of the year.

Handwritten Mothers Day Card 

1. Hand written cards

There is nothing nicer that a hand written card and this year Kairi is older so she wrote 'mum' on the envelope and her name inside. It meant so much to me that she had done that and totally melted my heart.

Hand drawn picture 

2. Drawings

I absolutely love how my girls are now old enough to construct pictures with purpose and then give them to me. When other for a mothers day meal this year, Kairi drew me a lovely photo and then tried to write on it too. I love the idea of turning the girls drawings into a real life object!

Sleepy Cuddles 

3. Cuddles and Kisses

Cuddles and kisses make the world a better place. When you child comes up to you and offers you a cuddle or asks for a kiss for NO REASON, you become overwhelmed with the 'I love this child more than anything' emotion and you feel so loved.

Little Chefs 

4. Homemade Breakfast

Whether it's breakfast up the table, on the sofa or in bed, not have to feed the whole family makes such a difference. Just being looked after yourself for once is a lovely reminder of how appreciated you are and how much you are loved.

Yankee Candles 

5. Gifts

There are many wonderful gifts I have been given over the years and as my girls are still young, I know I have the gifts of home made pasta necklaces or mugs that you can't actually drink out of to come (and I love that!). This year, as they are still little, daddy once again 'helped' them to get me the perfect gift. I received 2 candles this year and I love them both. Both are perfect smells for me and both were such a lovely surprise.
Top tip: to help my husband help the girls get me something I would like, I always keep my Amazon Wishlist up to date!

Honestly though, my absolute favourite way to say 'I love you' is just to do that, say the words ' I LOVE YOU '. Id love to know what you received or sent for mothers day or even what you would have liked to receive. Let me know below! If you would like to follow more of our mothers day journey, don't forget to check out our Instagram page MummiesWaiting.
*This is a collaborative post, all opinions and ideas are my own.*

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