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After spending a week walking around Disneyland Paris, I have learnt a lot more about my Hyper mobility. Although walking can be painful, it hurts most when I have been sitting down and inactive for a long period of time.

I've started to think about how much time we spend sitting down and the effects it has on our lives.Whenever I blog, watch tv, travel or even go to a toddler group, I automatically sit down on the first seat I can find. I'm starting to worry about getting older and how I will be. Whether my joints stiffing up will make my disability better for me or worse. The one thing I do know is we will need to purchase Riser Recliner Chairs for the Elderly, so i'm at least going to pick a comfy one! (Looking at them, I might invest in one now!)
family walking
We're going to change... More walking, Less Sitting!

I'm on a mission to change, as a family we have had a hard year with health so far and we are ready to do as much about it as we can. We've been learning a lot about Slimming World and we are starting this week. We have new food in the fridge and we are leaving our seats.

We are also looking to make big changes from sitting to moving.

  • During the week we walk a lot, so far we've switched busses for walking so the only travel time we are sitting is on the train and on shorter journeys we will actively choose to stand.
  • At toddler groups I have moved from sitting with a coffee to standing at the hatch and chatting with others while the girls run and play.
  • Lunch is the hard part, we spend lunch sitting down and then we get stuck there. From now on I am limiting us to 45 minutes to sit (at the table and not on the sofa) to eat lunch and then we will get up and either play, go to the park or get something done.
  • The final change is the evenings, I would like to go for a walk 1 evening a week (gradually increasing to 2-3) as a family. This will get us out and give us all some more exercise too.

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I been looking at items such as a cheaper treadmil or a fitbit tracker to aid our journey too, but of course, I know at the end of the day, we will get out what we put in! Wish us luck. I'd love to know if you are making the change from sitting to standing this spring too.
*This is a collaborative post, all opinions and ideas are my own.*

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