Trunki: Frieda the Cow Review (after extended use)

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As a travelling mum of two kids who often decide they don't want to walk, I've researched and tried multiple methods of travel for kids and many ways of carrying their belongings, but none have come close to the Trunki.

The Trunki is made from the same plastic as adult cases which makes it lightweight and durable. It has 18L capacity, a carry handle and a key to keep your belongings safe. Our Trunki is Frieda the Cow, but the girls just call her 'Cow' (except apparently she isn't a she, but a he.). Cow is 3 years old this month and still going strong. (He is been on more adventures than my husband too!)

Trunki Frieda the Cow
When our Trunki first arrived on Kairi's 1st Birthday, we were so excited to see that the box turns into a little house to keep it 'safe' while its not in use. Kairi spent forever putting Cow in and out of his box and I was impressed that it was a really nice way to store the Trunki too.

Trunki Frieda the Cow ride on
We have been using cow on a weekly basis for 2 years now. Although the Trunki looks small, I can fit enough clothing in to for myself and both the girls for up to 3 days. Cow is great for day trips and long weekends. He is perfect for the train and when walking from the station to town, he is a godsend (no more 'i'm tired' they just sit on cow and get pulled along).

The tow strap is particularly handy, its perfect for carrying and can easily fit over my shoulder. It comes apart to reveal the 'tow' part with one small un-clip. The strap itself features a loop at the end with the key on it which is the perfect size for putting your wrist through and dragging the Trunki behind you if you don't feel like carrying it. This loop leaves you hands free to hold on to your little ones which gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Trunki Frieda the Cow ride on 2 years

My last favorite thing about the Trunki is is durability, 3 years of dragging it along behind us and me pulling it into walls and then dragging it on its side across the road (With my girls saying 'ahh, silly cow' looking in my direction) and he is still looking great. Cow has lots of scuffs and scrapes on him, but unless you are really inspecting him, you can't tell and he looks fab.

I'd honestly buy another Trunki tomorrow if I needed one (I'll probably purchase on shortly for Naminé). They are extremely durable, perfect for day trips, long weekends or even a visit to Nanny's house. Trunki you get a 10 out of 10 from us, Cow truly is a part of our family. For more reviews head over to the review page of our blog.
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