What can my child ride at Disneyland Paris? FREE printable

Before my first trip to Disneyland Paris, I spent hours search the web to find out what my 2 year old and newborn could ride. Unfortunately the information just wasn't out there and I was left concerned and confused as to whether we would be able to ride as a family or not.

As a mum and a blogger I decided I wanted to take the worry away from other parents in similar positions so I've created a FREE printable which you can download below and spend hours happily planning your trip instead.
What can my child ride at Disneyland Paris?

I've written about it before and given reasons on my post on the Best age to visit Disney but I honestly believe to start taking those cute little ones as soon as you are ready. As you will see from the download there are loads of attractions that they can ride, even at 6 weeks and on top of that there is a whole world full of scenery, shows and don't forget those amazing character photos.

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